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God’s word is a powerful tool. It’s a weapon for good and a sword of defense. It’s fully alive and breathing in the present. This is why even Jesus, the son of God Himself, used scripture to fight the lies of Satan. While Jesus was fasting in the wilderness for 40 days and nights, the devil tried to tempt Him. Jesus knew exactly which scriptures to use to speak truth over the lies of Satan. He would make a powerful statement in replying to Satan with “It is written” followed by quoting God’s truth. This is such a powerful moment because even Jesus faced temptation, but He shows us how to overcome. His example shows us what we need to fight with when attacked with the lies of the enemy.

This book is designed to be a quick reference tool that pulls scripture together as it relates to common life experiences and feelings we face. My hope is that you will be able to read the scriptures in each section when you are facing those feelings and understand God’s truth. Through understanding God’s truth, you can begin to overcome the lies of the enemy. I encourage you to find and highlight these scriptures in your Bible as well and speak them over yourself. Whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or one of the other feelings highlighted in the chapters, use the scriptures to speak truth over the lies.


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Meet the Author

Courtney Wilson is a millennial writer with a passion for leading leaders, developing dreams in this generation and helping others live out their God-given purpose. She is the founder of The Trailblazer Journals, an online community dedicated to developing God-dreams. She is also the founder of the Little Creative Company, a small design agency dedicated to helping non-profits, Christian organizations, churches and dreamers develop their brand, websites and dreams.